Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New office

On the 16th of September I will finally be moving into my new office. Its a big leap for me to rent commercial space for my endeavorers but it had to be done. Most of my belongings are office equipment so it should work out nicely.

I plan on continuing to sell for the Fargo Sign-A-Rama along with my own brand of creative services. I hope to include some design work for printing, web creation, marketing services, and we will see where it takes me from there.

Wish me luck


  1. Ok so the 16th was wishful thinking. My friends at Comcast can not get me online until the 21st so move in day has been postponed. Its funny that my whole business life revolves around the internet and email.

  2. I have moved in, I am still adjusting, but I am finally in. Networks up and everything is connected. I have had two fairly productive days in the new space and I am optimistic that this will be a good beginning for things to come. Now if I can get them to turn the heat down I will feel much better.

  3. How is everything going now that you have been moved in a while?

  4. So I have this idea that if you want might be an easy side project. Don't laugh... A dating website yes there's tons of them and one thing they almost all have in common they make money!!! Not even joking if I was all computer savvy I would already have done it!!! Anyways if you are at all interested you have my #lol